Ambreena Manji

Dear Professors Foskett and Thirunamachandran,

I learned with disappointment last week that the University is considering the closure of PEAK. I am writing to express my deep disquiet about this decision. At a time when Keele is making such good progress in raising its international profile and focusing on the internationalisation of teaching and research, a centre like Peak is invaluable. It has a staff of international standing whose expertise on a range of important contemporary issues in ethics is amongst the best in the United Kingdom. Given the direction of travel of Britain’s international development policy, for example, with an increasing emphasis on issues such as good governance and aid transparency, PEAK is supremely well placed to contribute to the work on internationalisation currently being done at Keele. I respectfully ask that the decision to close PEAK is rethought in the context of the University’s long-term international plans.

With all good wishes from Nairobi,
Dr Ambreena Manji | Director | British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA)

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