Bob Brecher

Dear Professor Foskett

I have just heard of the proposal that both PEAK and philosophy more generally be closed down at Keele. As an erstwhile external examiner at PEAK, as well as working in the field more widely, to say that I am incredulous would be an understatement. The work of PEAK in health, medical and related ethics is without question the best in the United Kingdom, and enjoys a well-deserved international reputation both for its intellectual quality and its engagement with constituencies outside academe. Its impact, in short, is as outstanding as it is undeniable.

Were the University of Keele to decide that this work should cease, therefore, it would be a blow not only against ethics, but also to the standing and prestige of the University itself. I would respectfully ask the the University does not proceed with this proposal.

Yours sincerely

Bob Brecher
Professor of Moral Philosophy
Director, Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics & Ethics
University of Brighton

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