James Wilson

Dear Prof Foskett

I am dismayed to see the proposed closure of PEAK. I and all my colleagues in the field are baffled by this: the Centre for Professional Ethics is known worldwide for its rigorous and philosophical approach to bioethics.

I worked in PEAK from 2004-8, directing the MA Medical Ethics and Law 2006-8. If I had not taken up my current post, I would now be Director of PEAK. I can honestly say that PEAK are the finest group of colleagues I have ever worked with. I was struck immediately and continually by the extremely high quality of the teaching, and how valuable the students found the courses. PEAK has carved out a distinctive niche in teaching ethics to full-time professionals. This is a market which can only be expected to grow over the future, and I notice that the university's own projections have PEAK returning to profitability in the near future.

PEAK is a small unit, but it punches well above its weight in research. To give you the briefest summary of some its esteem indicators: PEAK currently has two prestigious Wellcome Trust Clinical Fellows in Biomedical Ethics; in 2010 it played host to a Leverhulme Visiting Professor, and in 2011-12 a Marie Curie Fellow. Its members edit two international journals (Public Health Ethics, and Research Ethics); it recently completed the EU's Textbook for Research Ethics; Angus Dawson is Vice-President of the International Association of Bioethics.

In short, PEAK is one of the best brands Keele University has. You cannot afford to let it close.

Yours sincerely

James Wilson
Dr James Wilson
Lecturer in Philosophy and Health
University College London

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